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Take Emotion Out of the Equation

February 28, 2013 Leave a comment

I am an emotional, impulsive person by nature. That doesn’t mean I have to be at the effect of counterproductive behavior. Very gradually over the course of my life, I have learned to step back from tense or crucial situations, hold my tongue when appropriate, and refrain from making rash decisions. Slowly I’ve developed a greater awareness for desirable outcomes, and focus my attention on that rather than being engulfed in my emotions.

This week I was negotiating with travel tour company “XYZ”, offering them an entire edition of this publication in exchange for a dramatically reduced rate for the tour I wanted. Initially their reduced price was not much of a reduction, and the “old me” would have blown them off in the huff (or at least a minute and a huff). “What an insulting offer!” I would have thought. “Screw them!” Or maybe I would have haggled with them over the price, and met with resistance that triggered my frustration.

Instead, I took a timeout from the circumstance, regrouped and went back to their website and noticed they had another tour that was appealing to me, a tour that I was considering with a different tour operator. But if “XYZ” gave me a better deal in booking both tours with them, I can offer them exclusivity in the publication and they would be the only tour company to get publicity in this special travel edition.

“XYZ” was far more excited about booking two tours from me and gaining exclusivity in the publicity. Therefore, the price negotiated was far better, probably just a smidgeon above their cost, yet they were happy with the deal.