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Reminder: Is Your Communication Past Due?

In a recent survey it was found that only 28% of all projects in the American workplace were concluded successfully. Presumably, the success criteria entail completion of a project on time, within budget, meeting all goals and objectives.

It’s estimated that 80% of all mistakes, miscues, missteps in the workplace, call them what you may, are due to communication problems. It starts with poor governance – insufficient documentation lacking agreed upon definitions and protocols, and addressing what I call the “silent killer” of projects… withheld communication. This requires clear and strong consequences; conversely, there must be a safety net for those who confess errors. It goes under good governance – put it all in writing.

This is why you must have a thorough communication plan in place when planning your project, not once it is launched. Who do you contact when something goes awry? Who do you report to regularly? Who is responsible for what decisions? When is any task related to the project scheduled to be done? Put it all in writing, and be as impeccably specific as possible.

Yes, it’s Project Management 101…then again, if only 28% of all projects are successful, it warrants a reminder, don’t you think?

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