Lose Your Mind, and/or Regain Your Perspective?


When we’re being held hostage by our own thoughts of fear, uncertainty, upsets, anger, or depression, “losing your mind” (figuratively speaking) is the pick that can often break the ice. That non-supportive noise between our ears can vanish in the face of bold, outrageous, unconventional, or even silly action-taking.

Recently I had a frustrating experience with a supplier, and rather than yell at them on the phone, I opted to sing my complaint to the customer service rep in an operatic voice. When I finished, she laughed hysterically and said, “Hold on, I want my supervisor to hear this.” So I sang again and we were all laughing hysterically. They even gave me free shipping for the next two orders!

When feeling stuck, break with the norm and observe how more alive and resourceful you become.

Excerpt from the best selling book, “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Lighten Up!”
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