About Charitable Contributions


Andrew Carnegie was reputed to be a charitable man, but he also believed that people should work for what they got. After seven years as the sole supporter of his local symphony orchestra, Carnegie decided that it was time for the fund raisers to earn their keep. `You will no longer get your total budget from me, ‘he told the stunned representatives. `I will contribute only an amount equal to the donations you get from other sources.’

“The fundraisers departed in shock. But two days later, they returned with half the symphony’s budget, $3.5 million, already pledged. Carnegie was greatly pleased. `I hope this teaches you young fellows a lesson,’ he said as he wrote out a check for $3.5 million. `Surely two days was not an unreasonable investment of your time and efforts. May I ask, where you raised such a large amount in so little time?’ The head of the fund raising delegation smiled. He said, `We got it from Mrs. Carnegie.’”

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