Paging for Fun

I’ve spent so many hours at airports that stretching the boundaries of creative time management has become an avocation of sorts.

The little trickster in all of us can be summoned to add spice and ease boredom in our travels. If you are yawning your way through a long layover at an airport, instigate some mischievous fun while you wait, and observe the reactions from fellow passengers. During flight delays and between connecting flights, go up to the airline counter and have them page a famous person or character. Brad Pitt, Darth Vader, George Costanza, and Elmer Fudd are just a few names that have been trumpeted over airport terminal speakers at my prompting, provoking chuckles from passengers and airline personnel (Brad Pitt caused a momentary ruckus when asked to report to a Delta flight gate)…just one whimsical way to lighten up your load while on the road.

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