You Can Bank on This Relationship

There are embarrassing moments in business that may be tough to live down, especially if you’re a banking rep. A networking associate shared this story about a former colleague: “An associate of mine went out to see a client after taking over the banking relationship for the company, and her first meeting was with the CFO. The CFO was taking her on a tour of the corporate offices and he said to her, ‘Cheryl, I need to show you the president’s office because it’s so elegant, comfortable, and has many amenities.’ She said, ‘Well, maybe we shouldn’t disturb him.’ The CFO replied, ‘It’s no problem. He’s not in yet.’

They walked in and she was very impressed by the posh surroundings. Now at ease, she eagerly inquired about seeing some of the amenities the CFO mentioned. So he takes her around the corner to the president’s own private washroom, pushes the door open, and there was the president of the company, sitting on the throne! He looked at her and said very sheepishly, ‘It’s nice to meet you. I don’t know who you are, but give me a few minutes and I’ll be right with you.’ There must be something to exposing yourself—they proceeded to strike up a very cordial business relationship.”

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