Jovial Security, Your Hedge Against Deflation

Richard Cronin, a management consultant, once surveyed 737 company executives regarding the humor factor in good employees. He found that 97% agreed that a sense of humor is a determining factor in hiring personnel, and 60% felt that a sense of humor can be a key element that influences how successful a person is in the business world. In another survey conducted by Burke Marketing Research, 84% of the personnel directors who were interviewed said that employees with a sense of humor do better work.

We tend to make mistakes when we’re uptight. W. Edwards Deming, the father of total quality management, said the most important thing managers could do for their company is “drive out fear.” Fear of making miscues inhibits creativity and productivity. Humor helps to overcome this fear and let go of feeling shame when we do screw up. One way you can help alleviate someone’s anguish is to gather a group of co-workers and give that person a standing ovation when they walk into a room. Watch their face light up!

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