Connecting to Purpose

Last week I wrote about sustaining energy and the forgotten factor (deep breathing), addressing the energy shortage in people on a physiological level. Today I want to contribute an emotional/spiritual component to the issue.

For many, it may be re-connecting to purpose; for some, creating a new purpose, but seriously ask yourself: “What do I live for?” The answer should candidly distill down to a passionate feeling or quality of living, e.g. “I live for joy,” “I live to nurture my family,” “I live for peace of mind.” Mine is, “I live for adventure.” It doesn’t mean that I run with the bulls or wrestle alligators. I live for adventure, not insanity! It means that I try to find the adventure in most everything that I do. For something as mundane as going to the market, I’m not going just to shop. I preset an intention to talk with or meet somebody on the line at the checkout stand, or elicit a new way to prepare fish from the person behind the fish counter, or learn about a new product. Building my life around that sense of adventure really simplifies things in terms of creating goals and objectives, like feeding off an oxygen tank.

If life feels like a hamster wheel of waking up, going to work, paying bills, household chores, and family obligations, without the central soul connection to purpose, it becomes vapid. Purpose is the furnace that your core energy radiates from, while the deep breathing fans the flames. Next week: the third component of sustaining energy.

Use these strategies on “How to Become Energy Efficient” here

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