“A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like Medicine…”

“…but a broken spirit drieth the bone.” – Proverb 17:22

“WIPE THAT STUPID GRIN OFF YOUR FACE!” How many of us ever heard that during our formative years? The message from our families comes through like a somber TV commercial: “And now, a word from our sponsors. Having fun is a serious offense, punishable by solitary confinement. Don’t think and jive!”

As a child I always felt that adulthood was an unappealing destination, and fiercely resisted attempts by my elders to convert me to solemnity. I felt like I had to put my inner child up for adoption to become an adult. To some extent, we all bought into it. I trust this may serve as a debriefing and help us realize the value of lightening up to improve ourselves on all levels.

Amidst the break speed hustle of our hectic lifestyles, we have forgotten how to play. Why is play so important? When the going gets tough, it gives us a larger context for living. It reminds us of the simpler joys of being spontaneous and allowing our thoughts and actions to happily flow, which can spark creative ideas and even resolve serious problems. It lifts us out of the box of limitation and routine into open space and freedom. It puts a new frame on reality and can change the way we view the whole picture. It positively alters our entire physiology; we breathe deeper and take in more aliveness. It gives us perspective, and returns us to the adventure of living with wider eyesight and greater insight.

Excerpt from the book, “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Lighten Up!” by Terry Braverman
c 2012 Mental Floss Publications
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